TIC offers 2 hour, one day and two day workshops on Islam and Sexual Diversity to Universities, Institutions, Organizations, Schools and the community. Other workshops include Men’s and Women’s Health workshops.



TIC offers training to its staff, volunteers and community to develop leadership and build self-esteem.



TIC offers online as well as one-on-one counselling to Muslims who are queer and their families. Workshops on health are scheduled to educate participants on healthy lifestyle and safer-sex practices.



TIC runs a International Personal Empowerment Program for Muslims who are queer and the communities they come from, every quarter.  This three month intensive program consists of 11 halaqaat (study circles) and 4 weekend workshops.  The program is designed to unlearn limiting beliefs around Islam, gender and sexuality and to assist Muslims who are queer to reconcile their faith with their sexuality and to raise their self-esteem.  This program also teaches the different faces of Islam and assists the participant to discover the face of Islam that is most consistent with the Quran and the Prophetic example.  IPEP is also an alternative social space and gives participants an opportunity to identify role models and develop meaningful friendships. This program accomodates between 8 and 12 participants quarterly.  On completion of the program, participants are acknowledged and given a certificate at the Annual International Retreat (AIR) in April.


“Ask a scholar” is an online support facility for Muslims who are queer and for the Muslim community who seek advice on the issue of Islam, Gender and Sexual Diversity.  This service is run by scholars internationally and in most difficult cases, the queries sent through are discussed through the process of SHURA (mutual consultation) before an answer is given to a client.  An answer is normally received within 72 hours.


Counselling is done by qualified counsellors or referred to qualified counsellors TIC works with.  Counselling is often done via the phone,  online or one-on-one at the TIC office.  TIC’s counselling is free of charge, but a donation is always welcome if clients found the service to be useful.


TIC believes in entering into life partnerships with the proper understanding of commitment, fidelity, love and trust and so a 2 week marriage counselling service is encouraged and offered by TIC before any ceremony is performed.



TIC also performs marriages both heterosexual and same-sex. thus far TIC has conducted 7 same-sex marriages and 2 heterosexual marriages. The ceremony is performed by Imam Muhsin Hendricks.



TIC has an International Affiliation Program that is designed to keep unity with organizations with similar visions and strategic plans.  The program also assists affiliate members in building their organizations by providing technical support, educational material and mentoring.  All affiliate organizations have one member elected to serve on the affiliations committee and this member is sponsored by TIC to attend the Annual International Retreat.


This program brings together queer Muslims, queer Muslim activists and progressive Muslim scholars from around the world.  They spend five days in a spiritually charged environment while empowering others and being empowered by information that is uplifting and inspiring.  The Retreat provides an alternative meeting place for queer Muslims; it’s a place where they feel that their faith can be practices in a non-judgmental environment.  The retreat is a place for networking and a place where queer Muslims from around the world come together to share their challenges they face in their respective countries and how we can jointly support them and work out best practices and strategies to meet those challenges. TIC’s Retreats are always away from the hustle and bustle of daily life; a truly reflective time for queer Muslims.


This conference is similar to AIR, but specifically focuses on Women’s Empowerment and creating female leadership.  This program deals with women’s issues in general and assists women in understanding and challenging patriarchy.


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