International Personal Empowerment Program (IPEP)

TIC runs a International Personal Empowerment Program for Muslims who are queer and the communities they come from, every quarter. This three month intensive program consists of 11 halaqaat (study circles) and 4 weekend workshops. These weekend
workhshops are ideally located in tranquil and sirene locations condusive for psycho-spiritual development. The program is designed to unlearn limiting beliefs around Islam, gender and sexuality and to assist Muslims, who are marginalised based on sexual orientation and gender, to reconcile their Faith with their sexuality and to raise their self-esteem as well as developing a strong sense of self-worth.

This program also introduces the participant to the different faces of Islam and assists in discovering the face of Islam that is most consistent with the Quran and the Prophetic example. IPEP is also an alternative social space and gives participants an opportunity to identify role models and develop meaningful friendships. This program accomodates between 8 and 12 participants quarterly. On completion of the program, participants are acknowledged and given a certificate at our Annual International Retreat (AIR) which takes place annualy in April.

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