The Dilemma of negotiating Sexual Diversity, Gender Identity and Islam

FITRAH is a documentary that explores the dilemma queer Muslims face when negotiating the troubled space between sexual orientation, gender identity and Islam.  For the first time we have a documentary that not only explores the narratives of Muslims who are marginalized based on sexual orientation and gender identity,  but also have professional psychologists, anthropologists, theologians and gender experts sharing thought provoking insights around the narratives; touching on critical issues of condemnation and how the story of Sodom and Gomorrah is always used as a blanket condemnation for homosexuality in the Abrahamic faiths.

The documentary highlights the struggles queer Muslims experience in various Islamic contexts and the often disobliging messages from the orthodox Muslim clergy.  The documentary makes an interesting comparison between the different levels of negotiations open to queer Muslims and how most of these negotiations lead to self limitations and religious despondency.

Whether the documentary provides any solution is perhaps left to the viewer to decide.  Certainly a great documentary that can be used in training and to facilitate a much needed dialogue on the topic of Islam, sexual orientation and gender identity.

Directed by Imam Muhsin Hendricks and Latheem Nair



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