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Allah says in the Quran in Surah Jumuah 62 Verse 9:

"  Oh you who have attained to faith! When the call to prayer is sounded on the day of congregation, hasten to the remembrance of God, and leave all worldly commerce: This is for your own good, if you only but knew it.  ”   62:9 (Asad)

We were informed by a Queer Muslim of his experience at a local Masjid, where the Imam of that Masjid made use of abusive language to vilify the Queer community. This form of Hate Speech is what incites acts of Homophobia and disunity in the Muslim community and prevents Queer Muslims from wanting to integrate with their communities and Masjids.




The Inner Circle is the longest standing, largest and most influential human rights organization in the world that deals with Islam, gender and sexual diversity from an Islamic theological perspective.  The Inner Circle works internationally and supports international affiliate organizations to do similar work, within an Islamic framework. The Inner Circle empowers and raises consciousness amongst Muslims and assists sexually diverse Muslims to reconcile Islam with their sexuality.  TIC employs independent reasoning to create a paradigm shift in the Muslim community, locally, nationally and internationally.

The Inner Circle’s existence, work and intervention encourage dialogue and is a vehicle towards integrating Islamic Rights with Human Rights.  This enables the organization to achieve its vision, which is to transform society into one of inter-connectedness and inclusivity of different faiths and beliefs around gender and sexual diversity.



 C O M I N G  S O O N  

Arabic Classes - (Computer Based Training)

Jumuah and

Dhikr Program



Kindly note that the target audience for the International Conference for the Empowerment of Women is NGO's or Organisations who will actively participate during the Conference as well as communicate/implement learnings in their respective organisations.

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