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Homosexuals banned from schools in Saudi Arabia

In an attempt to enforce conformity upon homosexuals in Saudi Arabia, the government is subjecting all homosexuals to either change their physical appearances or face the risk of being banned from the...

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It Gets Better Theater Project to Travel to Schools

A brilliant initiative from the creators of “get it right” and the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles sees the message of empowerment and hope reaching schools all over the world....

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Same Sex Union a first in France

Friday the 12 February 2012 will be a day to remember as two brave Muslim gay men publicly declare their love and commitment for each other in an Islamic same –sex union in France....

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What does support look like?

Last month, we brought you an article about the winds of change surfacing within Liberia due to the support from the government towards the rights of all those who are marginalised based on sexual ori...

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Effects of the gender imbalance on society

Whilst Muslim women are struggling to find suitable partners for marriage in Britain, we examine some of the privileges Muslim men enjoy which heightens the ‘feminism’ debate in Islam....

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Call for empowerment after liberation

What are we saying when the world turns a blind eye to the escalation of moral crimes against the women of Afghanistan? ...

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India’s wind of change

We previously brought you news about the Supreme Court in India suggesting that homosexuality was never ‘unnatural.’[1] [1]

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Out In Africa Film Festival showcases black voices

“Out in Africa” is a film festival supported by The Inner Circle. It runs from the 23 March till the 1 April 2012 and is dedicated to screening and showcasing films that support people who are mar...

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Ijtihad - Paving the way

“ Allah, Liberty & Love: The Courage to Reconcile Faith and Freedom. “...

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Honoring Inspiring Women

This month in support of Women's Month and International Women's Day, we will feature an article each week on the women who are making a difference in the Human Rights NGO sector. This week, we give...

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40 killings gone unnoticed?

How is it, that in this modern age of technology, with instant global access to information, such atrocious violations of basic human rights are going unnoticed, unchallenged and unpunished?...

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Disunity amongst the nations when Human Rights, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity are raised

"We see a pattern of violence and discrimination directed at people just because they are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender."  Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary General...

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Calling on the world to tune in as history is made

Human Rights Activists, Defenders and Advocates are calling on the world to unite! This time, it is to increase visibility and support by calling on the world to tune in to a live panel discussion by ...

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Liberia for change

Liberia, a country that boasts Africa’s first democratically elected female president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, is at the forefront again. This time, it is a bold stand opposing the proposed same-sex ...

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To hell with human rights?

Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe, made headlines again after a statement that he made saying that his country would never support gay rights....

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10th Annual International Retreat (AIR) 2012
2012/04/26 - 2012/04/30
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