In addition to Queer Muslims being marginalised, women who attend Jumuah at Masjids are either shoved in basements or hidden behind curtains where they are unable to hear the Khutba and engage with the Imam. Some people are also feeling that they are being spoken down to by many Imams and they are not finding their Spiritual resuscitation that is intended through the Jumuah.

Based on these reasons, we decided to start a Jumuah circle that is all-Inclusive and not discriminating around sexuality and gender. We host a Jumuah even if there's a handful of people. We encourage men and women to integrate with each other and the Imam equally into the Jumuah. We discourage women from taking the back rows in Jumuah. The Imam also sits on the same level as the Musallis so as to avoid a hierarchy perpetuated by a patriarchal system. To add to the remembrance of Allah through the Khutba (message), we also include a short Dhikr (meditation) prior to the Khutba (message). Lunch is served thereafter, to strengthen the unity and cultivate togetherness.