8.8.2009: On Saturday, August 8th, a week after the massacre at the GLBT community center in Tel-Aviv, a memorial rally took place in Rabin Square in Tel-Aviv. GME was there to report the event.

President Shimon Peres gave a speech in which he said that on the constitution of Israel it says “Do Not Kill” and last week “we saw something else”, he then added that the killer who shot the young teenagers didn’t shoot only them but the truth is, “he shot everyone of us”.

As president Shimon Peres was walking down towards the exit after his speech in the rally, he did not answer any questions from other reporters but to GME reporter A.Gersh who asked to give few words in English to our viewers across the world: President Peres turned to our reporter and said: “Israel is a country of freedom of equality so it was and so it will be”