Training of trainers


The Inner Circle (TIC) is an international queer Muslim organization based in Cape Town, SA.  Our primary work is to assist queer Muslims to reconcile their Islamic identity with their sexual orientation and gender identity. TIC envisages a global Muslim community free from discrimination based on religion, sexual orientation and gender identity.  Our mission is to raise consciousness through spirituality, education and movement building; bringing healing to Muslims who are marginalized based on sexual orientation and gender identity.  Our aim is to build a movement that promotes the concept of an all-inclusive and compassion-centred Islam.


We have designed an intensive 3-month training program to develop a cadre of trainers who are able to train on Islam, sexual orientation and gender identity.   Annually 6 international trainers return to their home countries and extend the training in their own organization , communities and networks, thus contributing to our vision for global social change.


The envisaged outcomes are to:


 • Develop skilled facilitators in Islam, sexual orientation and gender identity


 • Develop trainers that have the inner strength to facilitate emotional and depth facilitation processes that result in authentic living and self-actualization


 • Develop a cadre of skilled international trainers that form the core leadership of the movement


 • Develop 6 trainers annually to become part of a global movement that promotes diversity


 • Have organizations that support their trainers and thus benefiting  from the rare skills the training provides


The following criteria will aid your selection:


A good command of the English language


Basic Islamic knowledge with an ability to read Arabic


A letter of motivation from your organization


Experience in activism / training / organizing


Experience in working with or in the queer Muslim community


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