Most queer Muslims are not able to afford the cost of hormonal therapy and gender confirmation surgery. Trans-gender people feel strongly that they are not able to live authentically in a body they do not identify and connect with. We support such individuals through a fund that makes it possible for them to live a complete life in the body of their choice.


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 Gender Identificationtreatment  Help fight for trans-genderrights 




Most Muslim families struggle to accept their children for being queer. As a result of this they get ostracized. Their inheritance and financial support to complete their studies are taken away.  We are here to support them until they are able to manage by themselves.


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 Ostracized  Give care to an individual inneed 




In providing queer Muslims with life skills and empowerment, it helps them to deal with the social effects of patriarchy and the resultant homophobia and rejection. Our empowerment training programs helps queer Muslims to make better choices in life.


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 Life skills & selfdevelopment  Make a difference  




Most of our beneficiaries live in abject poverty as a result of socio-economic injustice. Their situation is worsened by the fact that they identify with an orientation that is not accepted within their communities.



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 Poverty &Unemployment  Better the lifeof the lessfortunate  




Often the inability to deal with multiple discrimination and a lack of support makes queer Muslims lose hope and faith that things can be better. TIC provides psycho-spiritual training and support to such individuals and helps them to restore their faith and to live out life with courage.

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 Loss of Faith  Assist someone toreconcile with theirfaith




Our research indicates that a high number of queer Muslims use intoxicating substances to numb their pain, only to discover later that the problem has been exacerbated by the dependency on substances. We offer them psycho-spiritual and social support to overcome their addictions and to live holistic lives.



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 Substance abuse  Reach out and assistsomeone onto the path