Call for Papers


Over the past 11 years, the Annual International Retreat (AIR) has established a reputation as being the hub for information exchange around Islam, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI).  It is also a space of spiritual growth and healing through the Islamic faith.

AIR 2014 will address a range of important themes in the area of SOGI and Islam. Speakers will include some of the most contemporary Islamic thinkers in this area of work, as well as numerous papers, workshops and colloquiums.

We are inviting proposals for papers, presentations or workshops / interactive sessions through one of the following themes:


Islam, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
Mainstreaming Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity within the Muslim community
Movement Building and networking strategies


For more information about the ideas and themes underlying this year’s AIR, see About AIR

Proposal ideas that are related, but extends beyond these thematic areas, will also be considered.


An abstract is required for every presentation delivered.  Abstracts can only be submitted after completion of an online application to attend AIR.

Abstracts will be accepted based on their direct link to the topic and the nature and extent of the research.

Abstracts must describe the presentation’s purpose, methods, and conclusions.

Each abstract is limited to 250 words.

By submitting an abstract, you are granting The Inner Circle permission to publish it in the post-AIR journal and to disseminate it electronically.

Abstracts must be submitted using the online abstract submission console below.


Please note and adhere to the following format instructions for the body of the abstract:

Please read and understand the two Presentation Types to ensure that you submit the correct format of abstract for the session type.

Do not put your name and affiliation in the body of the abstract.

Do not enter the title in the body of the abstract.

Do not use abbreviations.

Do not use underlining, boldface type, italics, subscripts, or superscripts.

Do not include any codes for justification, hyphenation, line height, line centering, margins, spacing, fonts, page centering, page numbering, suppression, or tabs, in your abstract.

Do not use bulleted lists.

Do not include phone numbers or e-mail addresses in the body of the abstract.

Do not use all caps.

Submission Instructions

Upload abstract:

Your Name

Your Surname

Your Email

Upload abstract

You will receive an email message when you have submitted your abstract. Once your abstract has been reviewed and accepted, you will be invited to submit your full paper.


The Annual International Retreat (AIR) of The Inner Circle is an open forum for sharing the results of research, exchange of knowledge and experiences.   The contents of AIR presentations by individuals or groups are theirs alone. The Inner Circle neither endorses nor disclaims the conclusions, interpretations or opinions expressed by speakers at any of its events.

The Inner Circle does not take any responsibility to verify the accuracy of any and all information provided or arrangements made by The Inner Circle, including prices, flight schedules and connection time limits

Should any participant decide to cancel their participation in the Retreat, such participant acknowledges and accept sole responsibility for the cost of said ticket
The Inner Circle does not take any responsibility for any claim for damages/loss to property, personal injury, illness, trauma, harm or death or any other loss, expense or claim of whatsoever nature, including the cost of legal action resulting from any of the aforesaid arrangements made or services provided by The Inner Circle
It is the responsibility of the participant alone to ensure compliance with any requirements for their journey to the Retreat. This will include health certificates, inoculation and vaccination certificates. All participants are required to enquire from The Inner Circle and their relevant consulate or Embassy as to what the applicable requirements are and to obtain visa documentation and/or treatment timeously
All participants are aware of and accept that they will be exposed to a variety of hazards at the retreat centre. Participants acknowledge that certain of the optional activities require them to be in good physical and mental condition
Participants acknowledge that whatever viewpoint is shared at any event arranged by TIC is not necessarily the viewpoint of the organization, its board or constituents


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